Know who's Calling before picking the Phone!

Now you can take Phone calls right on your PC. You can answer a call or dial a new one.
Just point, click, and say hello.

Receiving calls.

When a call comes to your Phone, you’ll get a notification on foneCalls showing you the caller’s number and call history.

Answering calls.

Click the notification to answer, and your Phone gets connected, so you can have a phone conversation and also enter the caller’s name, company, etc. in foneCalls.


Recognizing caller.

foneCalls together with FoneBooks CRM gives contact info when a call is taken. This saves 10-20 seconds, 40 hours a month.

Call history.

foneCalls can display most recent calls, in and out, for each caller number.


Keep a Journal of each call’s interaction.


Click on staff to dial extension or mobile.


Notify your staff by generating emails with Caller name, company, date and time info.

Making calls.

Making a phone call from foneCalls is just as easy. To start a call, click a phone number or profile picture.